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The Malmö Dachshund Kennels were established in New Zealand in the late 1980’s and represent the quality breeding of both show and companion standard dachshunds.  The kennels were named after the iconic Swedish city of Malmö which has been an important centre of culture and trade since the 13th century. 

Sweden was one of the countries which hosted and preserved many important dachshund breeding lines from all over Europe during the extensive conflicts of both World Wars.  The naming of our kennels after Sweden’s third largest city was a tribute to the generosity, caring and protection of the breed, by so many dedicated Swedish people during those dreadful times of global conflict.

In 1992, our kennels moved to the Esk Valley in the Hawkes Bay of New Zealand and since then generations of our dogs have enjoyed sound reputations as show dogs, companion dogs, watchdogs and hunters.  Our dachshunds enjoy the extensive fields and parks at Hedgeley and help keep possums, rabbits, etc. under control.  They are able to hunt in ways which use their specialist attributes of tracking, tunnelling, and co-operative teamwork.  When there is no work to be done, they also enjoy sleeping in front of the fireplace during winter or on one the lawns on sunny summer days.

Malmö Dachshund Kennels are closely associated with the nearby Rodina Kennels which also breed and train standard dachshunds

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